Looking For A Badass Houston Designer?

24 Feb 2012 | Quirky Web Designers

There are three types of people in this world: losers, amateurs, and badasses…

badass designer

Chances are, you have at least one friend who is a total loser, but you keep them around to make yourself feel better about your own life. This person complains about everything, but doesn’t have the balls to change anything. He believes that the world conspires against him and that some unknown force causes him to spill coffee on his fresh white shirt, makes his girlfriend cheat on him with the guy in his neighboring cubicle, and compelled traffic to come to a complete standstill and make him late for his own grandmother’s funeral. Losers can never go anywhere in life because they refuse to set standards for themselves or take action to improve their lot in life.

Most of the people you know probably fall into the Amateurs category. They are fine, well-meaning people who are relatively educated and industrious. They probably cheated on a few tests, graduated from college and never read a book again. They are content and smug with their beliefs and don’t bother to take the next step because they are making enough money to buy big-screen TVs and craft beer. On occasion, they make terrible blunders and apologize profusely to whoever they’ve offended, but they try to abide by a policy of “live and learn.”

Then, there are total Badasses. These people are far and few between, but when you find one, you can’t help but be utterly captivated! Badasses don’t concern themselves with rules or norms: they’re too busy exceeding any mortal being’s expectations to care. Badasses tell it like it is — nothing more and nothing less. Badasses exude confidence and power at all times. Badasses are always striving to be the best and improve themselves, even though they are clearly untouchable. Badasses have an abundance of skills like karate, archery, computer programming, playing instruments, and persuading others to do their bidding. Badasses guard their time ferociously. Badasses hit their mark every time — without even looking.

Here at Nuesion, we have a strict policy of only hiring badasses. So if you are looking for a badass Houston designer, we assure you: this is the right place to find one!


What Does Being A Badass Houston Designer Mean?

We don’t just deploy web apps: we roundhouse kick them into the server.

Our code never needs to be optimized: it’s so fast it broke the speed of light.

We don’t write code: we stare at the screen until we get the website we want.

Our code runs faster when we watch it.

We can’t test for equality because we have no equal.

We burst the dot-com bubble.

We don’t use web standards: the web conforms to us.

We don’t bug hunt: we bug terminate.

Plugins don’t crash until we’re finished delivering a series of roundhouse kicks.

How To Get A Badass Houston Designer To Work With You

Working with a badass Houston designer is not as difficult as it may seem. Just call 1-800-870-3721 and ask us about Houston web design, hosting, domain registration and other services our resident badasses offer. We pack a serious design punch for companies big and small, whether they are in Houston or anywhere else in the U.S. of A.

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