Looking For A Web Design Robot?

04 Apr 2012 | Quirky Web Designers |

Having your own web design robot is totally neat… He brings you coffee when you need it… And he never cries, no matter how sad he is that your 1st choice domain name has been taken. He’ll go through wind, sleet, snow and rain to get things done for you… And he is always more […]

Reanimate Your Business With A Zombie Web Designer!

01 Mar 2012 | Quirky Web Designers |

Every guy has a fantasy about what he’ll do when the Zombie Apocalypse comes. As for us, we planned to just stay in our cubicles and continue, business as usual, as Zombie web designers. Related Posts:

Looking For A Badass Houston Designer?

24 Feb 2012 | Quirky Web Designers |

There are three types of people in this world: losers, amateurs, and badasses… Chances are, you have at least one friend who is a total loser, but you keep them around to make yourself feel better about your own life. This person complains about everything, but doesn’t have the balls to change anything. He believes […]

Looking For Your Houston Internet Ninja?

17 Feb 2012 | Quirky Web Designers |

Nuesion is the web’s leading provider of Houston Internet Ninja — and that’s a fact! What Is A Houston Internet Ninja? According to the Urban Dictionary… Ninja invented the Internet (sorry, Al Gore). A Houston Internet Ninja knows every nook and cranny of the Internet too. Ninja train for 20 hours a day. A Houston […]