International Hosting Sales & Support Numbers

19 Mar 2011 | News |

To better serve our customers, we provide local phone numbers for technical sales and support. These numbers still reach the same great support you are used to, but help reduce international long-distance costs. If you are located in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore or Australia, use these numbers: Country Technical Support […]

Happy New Years!

01 Jan 2011 | Featured, News |

With 2011 here, we’re launching our new site. We’re now able to quickly update you through our site, newsletter, and various social media platforms with the latest news from the Web Marketing world, including newest trends, news, innovations we’re working on and promotional offers on our services. 2011 will be a banner year for us […]

What is Grid Hosting

01 Jan 2011 | News, Web Marketing Tips |

Grid Hosting is a flexible hosting platform that matches performance with demand. If your site’s traffic spikes, Grid Hosting responds by allocating more resources and keeping your site live. If your site starts small, but is growing, Grid Hosting grows with it so you don’t have to manually upgrade and experience any unnecessary downtime. Grid […]

Purchasing Good Domain Names for Monetizing

01 Jan 2011 | News, Web Marketing Tips |

Many people own domain names for the purpose of monetization, which is when you place a provider’s ads, opportunities or affiliate links on your site, and the provider pays you when a visitor clicks on a link or completes a process, such as a purchase. Theoretically, you are lending the provider your domain name in […]