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VIDEO: Difference in POP and IMAP Email

22 May 2013 | News, Web Videos |

Many of our customers ask us whats the difference between POP and IMAP email. We often go through a long technical explanation but then we figured a good video would help visually explain it better. And of course the internet has tons of existing information about anything and everything. Here’s a great explanation on the […]

Top 5 Houston Host Disasters

20 Jan 2012 | Houston Host |

Choosing a Houston host is the very foundation of your online strategy because, let’s face it: if your website is not live, nothing else matters! Small websites can occasionally get away with small outages, but imagine what would happen if Facebook, Amazon, or Google itself went down for even a day? There would be mass […]

WordPress Integration

25 Jun 2011 | Web Marketing Tips |

CONNECT WORDPRESS TO YOUR WORLD The success of your social networks depends upon proper integration with your existing network of websites, blogs and sales pages. The goal is to create one cohesive branding experience that your customers can connect with whichever way they feel most comfortable. Some people check their Facebook fanatically, while others prefer […]

Cheap Web Hosting… But Not CHEAP Cheap!

The other day, we overheard someone say, “He’s definitely a Bro… but he’s not a BRO Bro, you know?” While we honestly had no idea what this girl was talking about, we got the overall gist of what she was saying. It was just her way of saying this guy was alright in her books. […]